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Your website is your number one selling tool. It is the face of your company, it is the place that ultimately helps your customers make up their minds, purchase a product or even jump ship.

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We know exactly how to prevent the latter from happening and develop a website that is modern, user-friendly, fast, mobile-responsive and well-suited for your business needs.


So what makes for a great
e-commerce web design?


A great e-commerce web design empowers your business and enables it to take off. It can automate processes for you, conduct sales and increase engagement. It is the bedrock of all your digital marketing campaigns and the first place your customers visit to purchase your product or even know more about your brand.

Stunning Design


First impressions are irreversible and play a deciding factor in whether or not the visitor will become a customer. Contemporary, TG-specific, e-commerce website design will help you connect with your customers and even bring in your brand voice.

Unforgettable User Experience

Unforgettable User

When your customer arrives on your website, they already have a goal in mind. It is the usability and content that will then enable them to make a purchase. In today’s fast-paced world, your e-commerce web development needs to help your customer make quick decisions and action their interest.

Add categories and filters

Add categories and

Nothing will kill a sale faster than a cumbersome landing page. If you save your customer the trouble of navigating through eight different product pages to find what they are looking for through an efficient e-commerce website design, they might just make a purchase.

Simple check out process

Simple check out

In 2021, it was found that the average cart abandonment rate is just a little under 70 per cent which means, 7 out of 10 customers don’t complete their transition. To prevent this from happening to your business, it is important to have a seamless checkout process.

Secure payment process

Secure payment

To ensure that no data breaches or fraudulent activities happen on your website and ruin your customers’ experience, you must use a secure payment gateway that has multi-factor authentication and secure integrations to keep payment details away from prying eyes.


Why choose Apex Global Solutions India (AGSI) for your
e-commerce web development needs?

Over the last couple of decades, we have developed e-commerce websites for hundreds of businesses and have established ourselves as a formidable e-commerce development company in India. Through extensive research, development and A/B testing, we have cracked the code to create a perfect website that will not only show off your brand and products but will also optimise conversion.

We as an e-commerce website design company, understand you, your products, your objective, your branding requirement and provide you with an e-commerce template that truly reflects your brand and is as efficient as it is safe and secure.

What do we offer?

Highly customisable templates

Highly customisable

Your website should speak your brand language and as an e-commerce web development agency with a massive presence online, we know how important it is to represent your brand accurately on the internet. Our templates are highly customisable and can be modified to suit your business requirements to the T.

Optimum experience


User experience is key to the success of your business and we work to ensure that you and your customers have a seamless experience.

Secure solutions


Our payment gateways are encrypted, safe and secure. We also value your privacy and ensure that there are no data breaches or unwarranted security issues.

SEO friendly website

SEO friendly

As an e-commerce development company, we know how important SEO is for business. We will optimise keywords to make your website rank high. We’ll make sure you are found.

Scalable webpages


Our e-commerce website designs are not just made to meet your current business but also accommodate its future growth.

Custom shopping cart

Custom shopping

We will design and deploy the best shopping cart for your business. We’ll also ensure that it services your customers’ needs to the fullest.

Easy management


Our e-commerce website will enable you to manage your products and stocks from one place, service orders efficiently, keep track of the package and even communicate with your clients.

Secure payment gateways

Secure payment

Having multiple payment options gives your customers more control but with this, there is also an increased risk of security. You can be assured that your payment gateways will have superior encryptions that will keep it away from prying eyes.

Support and Maintenance

Support and

As an e-commerce website design company we have a team of engineers and developers that will not only empower your technical team but will also be available in case the need arises.

Having established ourselves as a reliable e-commerce development services company, we know exactly what you are looking for. Our custom e-commerce development services will help you create a stellar impression on your customers.

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