Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Overcome your digital transformation
roadblocks with a well-maintained website

While having a website should be your number one goal when scaling your business, keeping it well-maintained should be your next. As your business grows, your website needs to grow with it and the most effective way to do so is by having a well-maintained website that is ready to do business for you.

Even if you already have a successful business and a website, keeping it bug-free and running at an optimum speed should be a priority for you. Onboarding a website maintenance service provider in India will not only help keep your website functioning seamlessly, it will also help you save time and resources.

Outsource your website maintenance to our team of experienced backend developers, who will work closely with you to understand your business and create the best website maintenance program that is both simple and cost-effective.

Irrespective of whether you are a small business or an established one, our proven maintenance plans will help you improve the performance and security of your website. With us, you can simply focus on doing great business and we will take care of the rest.


Why do you need
website maintenance services?


Just like any other tangible property, your website, which we consider to be the engine of your business, needs maintenance. Simply having it up and running is never enough. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that it runs at its full capacity always and we at Apex Global Solutions India (AGSI) are known to provide the best website maintenance services in India. We can help you elevate your business and reach the right audience.

Improves user experience

Improves user experience

Clicking on a bad link and being redirected to the 404 Error page, navigating a complicated webpage, experiencing errors in payment gateways and waiting too long for product image to load will all leave your customers with a bad taste. You can avoid this by simply getting in touch with us. We will conduct a regular site audits to track issues and errors on your website and help you create a consistent and lasting impressions on your clients.

Keeps your website secure

Keeps your website secure

When doing a business, your customers' security becomes your responsibility and perhaps this is why security is one of the prime reasons why businesses need to keep their website updated and maintained. We, at Apex Global Solutions India (AGSI) , are adept with the latest software applications that allow us to identify any loophole in your website that can give freeway to hackers and allow them to steal data.

Boosts Traffic

Boosts Traffic

Search engines like Google are known to raise rankings of websites that are regularly updated and has the right keywords. A higher ranking invariably increases your site’s visibility and leads new visitors to your page. Updating the content on your website, fixing broken links and removing bugs and duplicate pages will help you with new leads. Irrespective of whether you need WordPress website maintenance services, Magento website maintenance services, eCommerce website maintenance services or something else, we are certain that we can help you.

Give a consistent brand experience

Give a consistent brand experience

Customers like comfort. If your website offers them the same comfort and convenience every time they visit your page, it creates a good user experience and a lasting impression. Regular maintenance will not only help you fix broken links and pages, unsecure payment gateways and outdated content but will also keep your website’s software and plugins up to date.


Signs that you need
our services

  • Broken Links
  • Low Speed
  • Unsecure gateways
  • Bad Images
  • Low ranking on Search Engines
  • Outdated content and design
Signs that you need our services

How can we help?

Known extensively for our e-commerce website maintenance services, WordPress website maintenance services and Magento website maintenance services, we, at Apex Global Solutions India (AGSI) can help elevate your business by keeping your website running smoothly. Every business has unique needs, and our web maintenance services are tailor-made to suit your need and demand. Our plans are suitable for all businesses, irrespective of their size, industry and hosting platform. Come, get in touch with the country’s best website maintenance service provider.

On-demand services


We serve you based on your business need. If you believe that your website needs yearly, monthly or even weekly maintenance, we are ready to serve. Our team will speak to you, understand your need and suggest the best approach and plan to keep your website up to date.

Security scans and patches

Security scans and

Keeping your website away from prying eyes will be our topmost priority. Equipped with the latest update and internet security software’s, we will ensure that your website is safe and secure always.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their search parameters and it is important to keep updating your website to match them. Our team can help update your tags, content and pages to help you stay ahead of your competition and rank high everywhere.

Client-focused services


We are a customer-first company and our focus will always be you and your business. Like mentioned above, our team will speak to you, understand precisely what your needs are and suggest the best solution for you.

Competitive prices


When you outsource your work to the best website maintenance company, you can be assured that our pricing will be competitive and viable for you.

Quick Support and turn-around

Quick Support and
turn-around time

Being a reputable software and website maintenance services company, serving clients across the globe, we understand that businesses have no snooze button. With an exceptional turnaround time, we can help you to continue your business smoothly without any hassle.


Other Services

Other Services
  • CMS support and updates
  • Regular site backups
  • Tech Support
  • Website Analysis
  • Wordpress maintenance service
  • Urgent support and restoration
  • Website health checks
  • Website customization
Reach out to us to find out how we can help with your website maintenance requirements.